포항공과대학교 표면 공학 & 원자력 소재 (재료) 연구실

Welcome to Surface Engineering & Nuclear Material Research Group (SEN).

Our group’s research interest encompasses fundamental and applied research in nuclear fuels and structural materials for the area of nuclear energy technologies, ranging from applications in current light water reactors (LWRs), accident-tolerant fuels (ATFs), advanced reactor designs, spent fuel storage and disposals and in general materials for extreme environments.

Our group is, particularly, interested in surface engineering technologies (surface modifications and surface coating technologies) for functional materials to address material challenges in hydrogen energy, nuclear energy, biomaterials, transportation, and aerospace. Examples are cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM), physical vapor deposition (PVD), thermal spray technologies (TST), sol-gel coatings, electrophoretic deposition (EPD), electrodeposition, surface peening technologies.

< 연구분야 (키워드) >

  • 수소공학
    • 수소 생산, 저장, 수송, 활용 금속 소재
    • 금속 부식, 고온 산화, 마모
  • 표면공학
    • 저온분사코팅 기술 (콜드 스프레이 – cold spray)
    • 용사코팅 (thermal spray)
    • 박막코팅 (물리증착 코팅, PVD)
    • 기계적 표면 개질 (UNSM, friction surfacing, shot peening)
  • 원자력 소재
    • 사고저항성 핵연료
    • 미래형 원자로 핵연료 및 제어봉 (control rod)
    • 미래형 원자로 금속 구조 소재 및 부품
    • 사용후핵연료 운송, 중간저장, 처분 금속 용기

We are actively hiring undergraduate interns, graduate students, and post-doctoral associates. Please send an email to Prof. Yeom ( to discuss the openings.